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Clean sport; healthy athletes

Athletes want to know that other athletes are competing fairly, that it is a competition of talent and that all performances are natural. This is the spirit of sport.” (UKAD). 

No matter what level we are participating or competing at, we all want to do so in a fair, health-enhancing manner. As a club we want you to be fully aware of your responsibilities as athletes, both to yourself and to others. The question of medications can be confusing, even for elite athletes, so we are providing these links so that you can be both informed and able to check out any medications which you may be using. Any athlete can be tested at any time, but we want athletes to be making the correct, informed, values-based choices because that is the right thing to do, not for fear of any testing regime. Many positive tests are ‘inadvertent’ – simply athletes not checking whether the medicines they take as a matter of course are on the banned substance list. 

Be informed. Be clean. Be safe.

Web Links:

UK Anti Doping – https://www.ukad.org.uk/athletes/why-clean-sport

Check your medication per sport – https://www.globaldro.com/uk/search

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