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Archive – Club Series 2017

The 2017 events to be included in this years club series are listed below. This year the individual results from the “Team CWTC” series will also be included. Please post any details of the events you have entered and remember to record your times to ensure the club has picked them up correctly.

Date Event Team/Individual Swim type
30/04/2017 Steyning Triathlon Individual Pool
21/05/2017 Arundel Lido Triathlon Individual Pool
11/06/2017 Mid Sussex Triathlon SE Team Series & Individual Pool
02/07/2017 Worthing Triathlon Individual Sea
09/07/2017 Chichester Triathlon Individual Pool
23/07/2017 Redhill Sprint SE Team Series & Individual Lake
06/08/2017 Bognor Triathlon Individual Pool
03/09/2017 Horsham and Southwater Sprint SE Team Series Lake
10/09/2017 Portsmouth Triathlon Individual Sea
24/09/2017 Petersfield Sprint Triathlon Individual Pool


  1. To enter the whole series, it is a mandatory requirement that entrants are a full CWTC club member.
  2. Entrants must participate in a minimum of 3 races (standard and/or sprint) from the published series to be eligible.
  3. Sprint and standard distances count as separate races for points scoring.
  4. Points awarded are based on relative position of CWTC competitors, not their overall race position. 1st CWTC male/female = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points etc.
  5. 5 points can be claimed for members completing an iron distance event within 17 hours. 2 points can be claimed for completing a half iron event. This is purely intended to recognise the training dedication needed for these events which can be at the expense of entry to other club series events.
  6. 1 point can be claimed for writing a complete, race report for an event for publishing on CWTC social media. This should ideally include some photos and an overall results table for all CWTC members.
  7. A DNF scores 0 points
  8. CWTC Juniors will be included in the club results where they have entered an adult event listed in the series.
  9. The winner is the member in each category (male/female) with the most number of points at the end of the series.
  10. In the event of a tie, the winner of the tie will be the competitor with the greater number of standard distance vs sprint distances.
  11. The committee will capture race results on a best endeavour basis. However it is the responsibility of individual club member to ensure their own results have been submitted to Paul Reynolds, and individuals verify the published results.
  12. Club members must enter events as their affiliated club being “Chichester Westgate Triathlon Club”/“CWTC” members (or similar variations of this).
  13. Club members are encouraged to wear club kit, but this is not a key requirement. Participation wearing another club’s kit excludes that event.
  14. The committee’s’ decision is final.

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