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Club Kit – 2017

New from Carvalho Custom Wear, a full range of club branded clothing to suit any event and training session. The cycling tops can be ordered in the white with all other garments available in the black design only. A block of 10 garments of the same item is needed initially and then this order can be accompanied with other garments of less quantity as people require. Rolling orders will then occur over the season as demand dictates.

Please contact Trycha directly at trycha.darling@gmail.com regarding order placement (remembering the required size) and any queries you may have. Delivery is expected within four weeks of order placement with payments to be made to sort code 16-16-20 account number 11011837.

Sample kit will be on display and available to try on for size prior to the Tuesday night swim sessions. If you do not attend this then please contact Trycha. 

Please see the link for a sizing guide. It is essential you order the correct size as you will be unable to return the item.

Pricing including VAT are approximate due to currency fluctuation. You will be informed of the exact price prior to ordering :-

Cycling tops -
Short sleeve jersey full zip - £38.54
Short sleeved jersey lycra fit full zip - £56.76
Long sleeved jersey full zip - £44.75
Long sleeved jersey lycra fit full zip - £56.14

Jackets -
Rain Jacket - thin waterproof suitable to crunch into back pocket - £65
Training jacket - windproof and warm - £57.50
Dry storm Jacket - water and windproof/ultra warm - £86.00

All of the above come in a gillet form -
Rain - £64.00
Training - £57.00
Dry storm - £84.00

Cycling bottoms -
Bib shorts female with halter neck - £57.36
Bib shorts male - £57.36
Female non bib shorts - £47.80
Full length tights £65.00
CWTC arm warmers - £15.57

Tri suits -
Unisex tri top full length - £42.41
Tri shorts - £45.36
Tri suit back zip - £76.78
Kids tri suit - £48.69

Running -
Vests - £30.91