Swim: Tuesdays 20:30 Where: Westgate Leisure Chichester

£4 members, £6 non-members

We have the use of all 6 lanes, this allows different abilities to occupy different lanes, meaning faster swimmers are not held up by the slower ones, and those learning or honing their stroke are not swum over by the hotshots.

Each lane is provided with a swim set which is broken down into drills to help improve technique such as the use of kick boards, pull buoys, paddles and fins and many others. In addition, individual tutoring is offered to help people perfect their technique and we follow our own periodised training plan to peak for specific upcoming events.

We encourage people to bring a drink with them and to wear a watch to time lengths etc.

Thursday – additional pool session.

In addition to the closed Tuesday pool club session, members meet on Thursdays at 8pm and swim in the publicly open lanes till 10pm. Cost, payable at reception, depending on membership.

Saturday – beach runs / sea swims

Beach runs often take place on Saturdays meeting at 8am. The normal meeting location is Bracklesham Bay car park, but the location can vary. There is no set distance – it’s at your own preference. Normal distance covered is approximately 16km. If this is too long/short, then plenty of options exist to customise your run. This is followed by breakfast at a local café. The run is a free session.

In the summer months beach runs tend to take place at low tides. During winter months, the frequency is determined by member participation.

From May to September, sea swim sessions take place at Bracklesham Bay at high tides. This tends to be fortnightly. Meet time is normally at 8am depending on tides. We swim around a set of 6 buoys. This is followed by breakfast at a local café. The sea swim is a free session. Please note, sea swimming is down to the individuals responsibility for their own health and safety.

Open Water Swimming - Thursday Evenings 7-8 & Sunday Evenings 5-6 (Spring/Summer)

Our members attend the OWS sessions hosted by Chichester Water Sports, the session costs £5, payable to CWS. The sessions are an hour in length and offer a 300-350m loop in the Westhampnet Lake. The sessions are supervised but Wetsuits are mandatory.

CWTCBikeMary Road Bike : Sunday 09:00 Where: at the bottom of Centurion Way, by Bishop Luffa School in Chichester 

The Sunday bike ride is on quiet country roads where possible and ranges from 50 - 70Km (30 - 45 Miles). We often visit the Rowlands Castle Café for a quick coffee and bite to eat before heading home for approx 12:30 - 13:00. We do not always stop at a Café make sure you have had a hearty breakfast and carry a full bottle..

Mountain Bike: Monday 19:00/19:30  Where: Varies - CURRENTLY  ON HOLD

Currently on hold till Summer 2016 due to club member training commitments. This usually involves meeting at 7 to 7:30 in the Chichester area normally near the South Downs and riding for 1.5 to 2 hours. This is normally all year round, and may occur weekly or fortnightly depending on circumstances. The next organised ride is currently Saturday 22nd October 10am with the ride followed by lunch at the Flying Bull Pub, Rake. These are free sessions.

Friday – Spinning

Held in the Chichester area, a spin class is held between 6:30pm and lasts 45 to 60 minutes. There are approximately 10 spin bikes available. Cost is £2 per session. Contact the club for further details or join our Facebook Members Group.

 Run: Wednesday 19:00  Where: Westgate Leisure Chichester


The Wednesday session is currently on hold but there are infrequent run sessions planned by the club and it's members.

All club run training events are confirmed via email and in our members only facebook group. If you have any questions or would like to come along and try any of our training sessions, please visit our Facebook Site, Twitter or drop an email to info@cwtc.org.uk.


For directions & further details about Westgate Leisure Centre click here.