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113 events Cotswold 70.3 (Sunday 13th August 2017) – Report by Martin Hill


Report by Martin Hill


CWTC members competing:  Anne Sydenham, Nicky Hill, Martin Hill


Believe it or not, this was the first half of 40th Birthday celebrations for Nicky!  We actually managed to convince various members of our family and friends to take part as well, some more easily than others.  In all there were 13 people taking part, either on their own individually or doing a single leg of the 3 different disciplines.

We chose this 70.3 event with 113events.com for a variety of reasons.  Not only is there an extremely flat and fast ride and run, the race Director, Graeme is really inclusive and reduced the anxiety of those who had never even done a triathlon before.  We all met up in South Cerney the night before and after a comprehensive briefing went back to our tents in the nearby field (this is organised for a £10/ head fee but the most convenient spot to stay for the next morning).

We were up just before 5am and joined many other lycra-clad, aero bike pushing triathletes in the queue for the facilities.  The sunrise with the mist clearing over the lake was beautiful and we slowly woke up ready to enter our lake swim wave at 6am.  Graeme at 113events runs a system allowing you to email any requests for wave times in advance of the event, which meant we were all grouped together with the same swim wave time.  The swim waves were made up of roughly 120 swimmers and it was well supported with kayaks and the marker buoys were clearly visible for the 1.9km swim.  There were plenty of people to help you out at the end of the swim and only a short grassy transition to the bikes.

The bike route is a 2 lap, out and back lead in to a loop around some quiet villages.  There is one hill in the middle of the loop (no bigger than that up through Chilgrove to the first left-hand turn) and is largely traffic free with Police stopping traffic at intersections to wave you through.  It was a non-drafting race but pretty busy and at times hard to avoid riding in quite large groups (although not drafting of course!). Roughly halfway through the ride they handed out isotonic/ water bottles which were pretty easy to pick up with plenty of space amongst the other riders.

The half marathon run at the end was a mixture of tarmac and off road running. Thankfully it was totally flat and well marked and marshalled.  The route was made up of 3 laps around the lake with additional twists and turns around the surrounding woodland and the smaller surrounding lakes.  The feed stations were offering a good mix of the usual sweet and savoury hit required at this point in the race although i’m not a big fan of high5 gels.  

The lake takes a real centre piece to the event and means that it is always well supported as you approach it and is a great lift as you get more fatigued as the event progresses.  During the ride, around the turn point at the half way stage and during run you go past it 3 times and there is plenty of opportunity for supporters to see you and cheer you on.  

The event, our first 70.3 and Nicky’s 40th Birthday was a huge success and great fun to be part of.  This was as much for our own achievements as those who completed it with us, the majority who had never even completed a full triathlon previously.  I’m not sure if i felt worse after the 70.3 or the second half of the Birthday celebrations!



Martin Hill – 4.51. 24

Swim 36:07

Bike 2:31:27

Run 1:38:33


Anne Sydenham – 5:08:21

Swim 32:21

Bike 2:38:57

Run 1:51:47


Nicola Hill – 5:49:24

Swim 38:03

Bike 3:06:04

Run 1:59:22

Night before camp

Swim start



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