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Arundel lido sprint (Sunday 21st May 2017) by Ben Newman



So I came out of the Steyning sprint tri knowing I had to do a better t1 and t2. Be faster out the pool, and generally improve my run. On the way in I car shared with James Birchall. It was a glorious sunny day that would only get hotter. There was no wind and within no time had my lovely pink swim cap on and was pushing off in the pool.

Again I took the 1st part of the swim at a comfortable pace but squeezed it a bit harder on the last 4 lengths (worth it as it knocked ½ min off my time and I overtook 3 people!).

Getting on the bike after a much better (and rehearsed) t1, the cost of the swim was that I felt cream crackered, but it eased. I knew there was a hill coming, bury hill, and I knew I just needed to keep a good cadence and cruise up. This went well & I didn’t think it at the time but thank you CWTC Sunday morning ‘I can’t believe there are THAT many different steep and painful tarmac roads up goodwood??’ training sessions. So, over the top and an undulating down and carriageway flat steady ride back to t2. I was happy with that. Took a gel 10 mins before the ride ended to help my run – the one taped to my bike top bar frame – genius tip (thanks Richard Johnson).

The first k was slow and my legs complained a lot. It was getting hotter. I slowed a little as I wanted to speed up at the finish. The turn point on the hill was a welcome sight as the next k would be downhill, helping my pace increase and I enjoyed the run back through the sunny trees although I got passed by a few, James being one of them and he looked really strong too (grrr..) I turned on the gas for the finish (well, you got to look better than you feel right?) and guzzled cups of water with Neil Steve Trudy James and Guy.

Stayed for the awards and.. Trudy won something again?!! Fabulous. Can’t remember what category but we poked Steve as he’ll need to put some of his trophies to the side to make some room ..or put up another shelf. A really great day.