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Steyning sprint tri (Sunday 30th April 2017) – By Ben Newman



Buddied up and arrived with Neil Bradfield. I can’t lie, it was cold – we rocked up fully clothed for winter and met Steve and Trudy who were standing outside registration shaking and shivering! After a few pleasantries, set up our kit in transition and checked out the pool and the T1, T2 entry exit points. It all looked pretty straight forward. The swim was in a 25 meter pool – I felt it looked really short compared to the westgate pool. Anyway, in no time, I was at poolside and was off.

I decided not to go ballsout and take it steady, and in no time 16 lengths were done and I was out to T1.

On hindsight and with a few under my belt now, this t1 was full of faffing. I didn’t have my lid, shoes, belt set up right and I could have had a full English in the time I was in and out.

Anyway, out I went and soon realised I should have put the tri bars on the bike.. never mind. Hands on the drops. the bike ride went really well undulating hills really smooth road. Going out with CWTC weekly and doing hills REALLY paid off. My legs felt strong.. and I was lucky with traffic on the Washington roundabout.

I got back to transition in good time, did a better T2 and started to run. Again this was undulating through the village and my legs felt totally shot! really heavy and the 1st km was a killer. Oh, thanks Neil for not really telling me about the kicker of a hill at the back before you loop back (not!) I had to walk the last 20 yards of this evil kicker, however I picked up afterwards and sped up recovered and it was a good second half of the run finishing strong.

I  met with Trudy Steve and Neal again and it was a good first triathlon for 2017. Trudy won a glass trophy (very posh).. somebody else dropped theirs (another glass one), it shattered and everybody secretly sniggered but apparently they were going to get another so it’s all OK.

So I was happy with this one. My post event notes suggest more hill training.. wonder why. + brick and transition practice.. so that’s my focus before Arundel Lido. I also want more speed on the bike. Am planning a better lid after Arundel and fitting my tri bars! Fingers crossed!